Thursday, January 10, 2013

Expensive, Why 3 Bikes Rental?

Two friends (Richard & Dennis) met at the airport before departing to Kuching.

Richard: Where can we rent a bike in Kuching? or any reliable bike rental company in Kuching?

Dennis: Try 3 Bikes Rental

Richard: I read their blog and they are expensive!

Dennis: See you pay for their service example, 3 Bikes Rental is the FIRST bike rental company that allow you to pick and drop their bike at the airport (save taxi fare $30 one way), they provide bike to bike exchange if your bike breakdown (save time and peace of mind).

Richard: Really? What happen if my bike breakdown outside the town and is at nite?

Dennis: Try to ask other bikes rental company, what would they do? 3 Bikes Rental will send their team to assist you once you alert them or excharge a bike for you without any additional charges!

Richard: Now I know, I actually pay for their service and I can have a peace of mind too. Thank you Dennis.

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